Deluxe Curl Cream (4oz)

Deluxe Curl Cream (4oz)

Deluxe Curl Cream (4oz)

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Curls talk when you feed and nourish them. This plant base deluxe curl cream is designed to nurture and love on your curls so they can proudly stand out as you slay the day. Formulated with aloe, slippery elm root, and avocado to nurture your curls back into submission. Our deluxe mix will moisturize, protect your growth and clothe your curls with confidence. Get your curly girl on!

Directions: Apply the Leave In Treatment (for best results) as a base to hydrate very wet curls. Next Apply Deluxe Curl cream to wet clean hair starting from the root to the tip. Really take your time and smooth product evenly working into curls. Allow hair dry completely before touching. Once dry touch up with root growth elixir.

Hydrates and moisturizes, Defines curls, Leaves hair soft, Adds shine to hair shaft, Protects hair growth

Pro Tip: on Second/Third day Hair apply Leave In treatment to refresh curls. Touch up curls as needed with deluxe curl cream.

Best for hair type 3-4

Deluxe Curl Cream May also be used as a hair moisturizer to refresh next day hair or moisturize curly hair. Excellent for the perfect twist outs or braid outs